Launched in early 2021, TPG Rise Climate pursues investments that benefit from the diverse skills of TPG's investing professionals, the strategic relationships developed across the firm's existing climate portfolio, and the global network of executives and advisors across the TPG ecosystem.

Evidence-based research and data will drive investment decision making and guide TPG Rise Climate in constructing a portfolio of companies that can enable carbon aversion in a quantifiable way. TPG Rise Climate will utilize Y Analytics’ methodologies, including Carbon Yield – a decision tool that leverages scientific, health, economic, and social science research – to estimate the tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions avoided per dollar invested.

TPG Founding Partner and Executive Chairman Jim Coulter is Managing Partner of TPG Rise Climate and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson serves as TPG Rise Climate's Executive Chairman. 

Investment Focus

TPG Rise Climate takes a broad sector approach, ranging from growth equity to value-added infrastructure, and focuses on climate solutions in the following thematic areas:

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 Clean Electrons (Energy Transition and Green Mobility)



Hydrogen Pump


 Clean Molecules (Sustainable Fuels and Sustainable Molecules)



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 Negative Emissions (Carbon Solutions)