TPG Growth

Established in 2007 as the global growth equity and middle market buyout platform of alternative asset firm TPG, TPG Growth has more than $13 billion in assets and investments in key sectors for impact, including healthcare, financial services, industrials, and technology, as well as established networks in emerging and frontier markets throughout Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.

Elevar Equity

Elevar Equity, a human-centered venture capital firm, invests in transformative and scalable entrepreneurial ventures focused on low-income communities. The Elevar Method of investing has democratized essential services for over 20 million underserved customers and catalyzed billions of dollars of capital into 25+ companies in India and Latin America. Elevar is the founding or first institutional capital in several companies focused on financial services, agriculture, education, healthcare, and housing. An entrepreneurial emerging markets team based in India, Colombia, and the US, Elevar is widely recognized as a leader in impact investing. TPG Growth has entered into a strategic co-investment partnership with Elevar Equity.

The Bridgespan Group

The Bridgespan Group is a global nonprofit strategic advisor for philanthropists and mission-driven organizations that supports strategic solutions to social problems. The Bridgespan Group has been helping scale and document impact since 2000, and is working closely with The Rise Fund to develop rigorous impact assessment systems.