The Rise Fund

The Rise Fund's assessment methodology enables what we call "evidence-based impact investing."

We have defined 30 key outcome areas, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in which impact is both achievable and measurable through evidenced-based, quantifiable assessment. For each potential investment, we calculate an Impact Multiple of Money (IMM)™, part of our proprietary assessment methodology that allows us to estimate a company’s potential for positive impact. We deploy the IMM with rigor consistent with our commitment to a data-driven approach, and it enables us to manage, measure and drive impact results throughout the course of our investment.

The Rise Fund

Quantitative Metrics

The Rise Fund will use quantitative assessments of impact, in addition to qualitative assessments. Assessments are undergirded by rigorous published research and other evidence that demonstrates that a given product or service delivers positive social and environmental outcomes. The Impact Multiple of Money (IMM)™ is our metric that captures the net positive impact created by a company’s core products and services and the outcomes they generate, along with any significant resulting externalities. The IMM is quantified in a dollar amount so that the fund’s investment review committee can evaluate impact alongside key financial and business factors.

The Rise Fund

End-to-end Asessment

Measurement will be integrated throughout the investment cycle.

Sourcing: We will seek companies that deliver products, services, and interventions shown by research to lead to specific, quantifiable social or environmental benefits.

Diligence: We will estimate in quantitative terms the impact we anticipate we can achieve with the investment and clearly define our impact goals.

Investment: We will manage investments to enhance both impact and financial returns. We will monitor progress toward achieving impact goals throughout the investment.

Exit: Post-exit, we will assess and report on the total impact achieved through the investment.

The Rise Fund

Third Party Oversight

The Rise Fund’s assessment methodology has been developed in collaboration with The Bridgespan Group. The fund will also develop relationships with an ecosystem of third-party providers to assess and enhance the impact of its portfolio companies. To the best of our knowledge, the use of third parties for this work, and the independence it implies, is quite unique.

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